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Video: Veteran leaders gather for the Quad Leaders Summit in Tokyo
post by Tarun Singh | 2:25pm on 24th May 2022 Tuesday

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Australian PM Anthony Albanese and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida gather for the Quad Leaders Summit in Tokyo. A video related to this has been released.

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US Defense Secretary: President Biden's Taiwan Pledge
post by Tarun Singh | 1:45pm on 24th May 2022 Tuesday

Biden is on his first visit to Asia as US President, and is visiting regional allies. On the other hand, the US Secretary of Defense maintains that policy towards Taiwan has 'not changed',

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Airbnb is closing its domestic business in China due to Covid
post by Tarun Singh | 1:05pm on 24th May 2022 Tuesday

Airbnb is closing its domestic business in China. Airbnb formally launched its mainland China business in 2016. The company plans to notify employees on Tuesday morning.

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tiktok will give video-snippet streaming star charge subscription
post by Tarun Singh | 12:25pm on 24th May 2022 Tuesday

Tiktok will offer video-snippet streaming Star Charge subscription. TikTok said the subscription feature being introduced this week will be available to creators by invitation only for now, but will be expanded globally in the coming months.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro sacks Petrobras' president after just 40 days
post by Tarun Singh | 11:53am on 24th May 2022 Tuesday

President Jair Bolsonaro on Monday sacked Jose Mauro Coelho, the owner of oil giant Petrobras, appointed just 40 days ago, Brazil's Ministry of Mines and Energy announced. Brazil is going through tough times due to the effects of extreme volatility of hydrocarbons on international markets.

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UN human rights chief's visit to Xinjiang, China
post by Tarun Singh | 11:15am on 24th May 2022 Tuesday

China is on a visit to Xinjiang on Tuesday over allegations of Uighur human rights abuses by the UN rights chief. Michelle Bachelet's visit is the first visit by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to China since 2005.

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Taiwan man invents a portable aquarium
post by Tarun Singh | 10:42am on 24th May 2022 Tuesday

In the city of Taichung, Taiwan, a man named Huang has made the latest invention. He built a mobile aquarium. Inventor An aerial drone photographer who keeps on creating stuff for his YouTube channel.

#Taiwan #PortableAquarium
Tokyo: Quad leaders met in person Today
post by Tarun Singh | 10:08am on 24th May 2022 Tuesday

The leaders of Japan, India, Australia and the United States met under the Quad in Tokyo, and announced the Quad Fellowship. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said, "This fellowship will become a bridge connecting our four countries.

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20 countries with the Czech Republic offered new weapons to Ukraine
post by Tarun Singh | 9:35am on 24th May 2022 Tuesday

Ukraine is ready to receive powerful new weapons, including helicopters, from the Czech Republic. At a meeting of allies on Monday, 20 countries offered a new security aid package for Ukraine to attack Russian forces.

#CzechRepublic #Ukraine
Asia Cup 2022: India-Pakistan match tied 1-1
post by Tarun Singh | 9:09am on 24th May 2022 Tuesday

The first match of the Asia Cup ended in a draw between India and Pakistan today. The Indian hockey team kept its grip on the match from the beginning but Pakistan turned the game in the last minute. India will play the second match of Pool A against Japan.