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Jio company closed many prepaid plans.
post by Pramod Kumar Maurya | 7:43pm on 5th Dec 2021 Sunday

Now Jio has given a shock to the customers. Jio has stopped many prepaid plans. Other telecom companies have already stopped some of their plans, now Jio has also given a shock to the customers.

There will be heavy snowfall on the mountains, rain forecast in the plains
post by Sandhya Singh | 7:32pm on 5th Dec 2021 Sunday

There will be light to heavy snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir and other hilly areas for the next two days. Not only this, it will rain in the plains of North India. Due to this, chilly winter is expected to start in many parts of the country.

What did Manish Tewari said - Navjot Singh Sidhu said about starting business with Pakistan.
post by Sandhya Singh | 7:02pm on 5th Dec 2021 Sunday

Manish Tewari said that unless Pakistan stops sending terrorists to India and drops drugs and weapons in our areas through drones, then any trade related talks with Pakistan are useless and meaningless.

President's Standard to be given to 22 Killer Squadron
post by Annu Singhaniya | 5:57pm on 5th Dec 2021 Sunday

The Presidential Standard is the highest honor awarded to a military unit by the Supreme Commander in recognition of service rendered to the nation.

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Let us keep up the pace and inspire our youth to shine on the playing field: PM
post by Annu Singhaniya | 5:44pm on 5th Dec 2021 Sunday

Shri Narendra Modi has said that let us keep up the momentum and inspire our youth to shine on the games field.

50,000 rupees smartphone will be available on getting both doses of vaccine in this city
post by Annu Singhaniya | 5:30pm on 5th Dec 2021 Sunday

The Rajkot Municipal Corporation of Gujarat has announced a lucky draw to speed up the vaccination campaign. According to the Municipal Corporation, the lucky winner who gets the second dose of Corona will be given a smartphone worth Rs 50,000.

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Motorola will launch its 5G phone in India on December 10
post by Pramod Kumar Maurya | 5:22pm on 5th Dec 2021 Sunday

Motorola India has announced on Twitter that it will launch its Moto G51 5G in India on December 10. Moto G51 5G will be the world's first smartphone to be brought in two colors and in India, this phone will be sold on Flipkart.

If you have love with your heart, then refuse junk food.
post by Sandhya Singh | 5:22pm on 5th Dec 2021 Sunday

The director and cardiologist of Siddha Hospital said that patients come to the hospital in advanced diseases. If he is already aware of himself, then the disease will be detected earlier.

Finance Minister Sitharaman will focus on spending in the budget 2022 on infrastructure?
post by Annu Singhaniya | 5:12pm on 5th Dec 2021 Sunday

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said an important thing about the Union Budget 2022. He said that in the upcoming budget, the emphasis of the government will remain on spending on infrastructure.

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WhatsApp launches new CSC health service helpdesk
post by Pramod Kumar Maurya | 4:58pm on 5th Dec 2021 Sunday

Digital Teleconsultation Solutions aimed at people living in rural and remote parts of the country Common Service Center has launched a new helpline 'CSC Health Services Helpdesk' in association with WhatsApp.